for a successful picture day

​​Thieszen Photo Creations


- Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your scheduled picture time so we can organize the team and       answer any last minute questions.

- Have picture order forms completed or online order receipt  ready to give to the order staff.

- Please be courteous to other members on your team. Just because you don’t want pictures of     the team or your child, doesn’t mean that the rest of the team members don’t want your child in   their picture.

- REMEMBER--pictures of a crying child can be some of the most memorable. We don't stress     out over upset children and we don't want you to either.  Our staff is extremely patient and           understand the fear of being in front of a camera.  

- Please contact us ahead of time if there any questions or concerns.  We’re very flexible and         can usually accommodate most any situation.

- We welcome all comments, what you liked and what you dislike. This allows us to make              improvements and to increase our customer satisfaction.  If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!

You can contact us anytime at:  317 501 2001  or  317 508 8636

Or email us at:  or