​​Thieszen Photo Creations

1993 – While driving truck around the country,

            I became interested in Photography

            as a way to share my life on the road. 

2005 – I turned my passion for Photography

            into a part time business.



2007 – Thieszen Photo Creations opened

             its doors as a Sports and Event

             Photography company. I also started

             to do freelance work for the

             Mooresville / Decatur Times, our local 



2009 – We started working with Alive Video

            and Photo, a company out of

            Belleville, IL, to cover a talent



2010 - Present We continue to work with the 

           local youth leagues and high schools

           to offer sports coverage and support.

           We still work with the local newspaper

           as well as Alive Video. We continue to

          grow our business slowly so we can

          offer the best customer experience.  

​Eric Thieszen

Patti Thieszen

Our staff

Our History

​Who We Are

Mission Statement

Our promise to you:

--To create memorable and meaningful images  

--To use integrity and hard work to provide the best product available while giving you excellent value for your investment

 --To ensure all clients will receive the same level of attention and commitment

--Strive to be an educated, proper and respectful representatives of the photography industry

--and while doing so, project God’s principles.

Eric and Patti Thieszen                                   Thieszen Photo Creations